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Since the Forum is a communication technique , where different people talk about issues and problems of common interest, a good coexistence between them must be guaranteed.


The objective is that you feel invited to freely express your opinion or reflection on the topics of your interest. At the same time you will be able to know those of the other participants about them.


From the honest and respectful exchange of our points of view, new proposals may emerge that help to improve them. We hope that this is an area conducive to the development of an interesting and effective  collective synergy.

Because of this, I have to ask them to follow certain rules of behavior.  Access and participation in the forum implies acceptance of the following rules:


  • Respect: Insults or disqualifications to other participants are not allowed. If the behavior is persistent it can mean the expulsion of the user.

  • Adequacy: Any content of a pseudoscientific, pornographic, racist, libelous, slanderous, apology of terrorism or discriminatory nature will be deleted without prior notice and its author, restricted.

  • Writing: All posts written completely in capital letters, with SMS-style abbreviations, with a font size that is too large, small, that makes it difficult to read, or does not intentionally respect the basic rules of spelling and grammar may be eliminated.

  • Copying: If we paste texts with content extracted from other sites on the Internet, we recommend not forgetting that the source must always be cited.

  • Other topics: This forum was created to deal with the topic stated at the beginning of the forum. Any other type of content will be removed.

  • Malicious advances (spoilers): Those who suffered them, should notify the rest of the community, so that they use the appropriate tool to prevent them.  

  • Spam: The placement of advertising and / or commercial promotion messages is prohibited, unless prior communication with the blog administrator, who will evaluate and reserve their authorization.

  • Languages: Being a multicultural website in which people with different languages participate, we must be respectful of all forms of expression admitted by the different language academies.

  • Provocative and off-topic messages (trolls): Those users who engage in undesirable behaviors will be notified only once and, if they persist, they will be expelled.

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