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Semillas varias y brote trazando surcos-

Tracing Furrows so that the quality seeds that we generate can fall on fertile soil  and then grow and bear fruit for those of us who make up the various human frameworks of the 21st century.



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On this website you can find spaces for dialogue to generate  ideas, concepts and suggestions that contribute to improve or, at least, alleviate the difficult circumstances with which many of our societies, unfortunately , must live daily.


This particular project aims to generate ideas, concepts and suggestions that contribute to improving the difficult circumstances with which many of our societies, unfortunately, must live on a daily basis.


We will do it in a group way, taking advantage of the resources and skills of each of the participants.

We want you to feel invited to freely express your opinion or reflection on the topics of your interest. At the same time you will be able to know those of the other participants about them.


From the honest and respectful exchange of our points of view, new proposals may emerge that help to improve them. We hope that this is an area conducive to the development of an interesting and effective  collective synergy.


  • The post-covid challenge we will face,

  • social inequality,

  • the role of women in the new society

among others, will be the subject of a  methodical analysis that transports us to its limits to, from there, generate new perspectives and opportunities not considered by those who today lead our societies.

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We set up groups around an issue raised, that  will be  our GROOVE.


As a first step, a specific material from the groove, informative content obtained from the internet, books, videos and other qualified sources on said subject will be made available to those interested. In this first instance, WE WILL STUDY THE GROOVE.

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The goal is to set a starting point that encourages constructive dialogue among the participants.  A coordinator will accompany them throughout the process, facilitating communication and also giving their points of view on the subject.

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“Multiple choice” surveys will be distributed periodically to reduce the number of points that are displayed and speed up the obtaining of partial conclusions. In this survey, participants will also have the possibility to add personal comments.

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The proposals made:

  • They will be made available to specialized magazines for their eventual publication.

  • Potential incorporation in  impact entrepreneurs / organizations / companies.

  • Any other circumstance that warrants it.

The work will bear the name of all the participants.

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