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I created this website to share my writings which are thoughts, reflections and notes of interest. I also invite you to talk and discuss.

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I invite you to know my story


I have shared this world with seven billion other beings for three-quarters of a century and I have been married for fifty years to Norma, my lifelong companion.


With her we engender three wonderful beings; Alejandro, Natalia and Patricia, who gave us four beautiful grandchildren to date, two Catalans and two Argentines.



My galician blood


My parents were Galician immigrants who came to Argentina in the late 1920s full of illusions. It was not be for lowerly. Latin America was the destination for many of them, fleeing poverty and hunger. But they were late. Other immigrants had already preceded them and bought the lands of this generous country that welcomed them all.

The role of my brother

My brother Raúl was born in Buenos Aires, eight years older than me, and who writes, when they believed that the factory had closed.


I was a poor but happy child until my father died, when I was going to be ten years old. My brother assumed his role and brought the family forward, working and studying, receiving a degree in Economics. I accompanied my mother, who was ill, as best I could in her last years.


My brother's example was a model for me. To get ahead in life you have to sacrifice. Working and studying is the only recipe, without wasting time. There are no shortcuts to life for humble people.

My professional career


I did so and I received my degree as an industrial engineer at the UBA at the age of twenty-four, when I simultaneously joined what was to be my lifelong company , IBM. I stayed there for more than forty years until I retired in 2011.

I soon discovered that there was a world outside the walls of this company, which I had never ventured into before.

There were new challenges for someone who, like me, was used to accepting and overcoming challenges, no matter how difficult they seemed.

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I became a writer


That is how, hanging the boots of the Business team, I decided to change the numbers for the letters and began to wear the shirt of the Writers.

I think I always had a certain vein to push the pencil (horror!… How old), or more recently to press the keys of PCs or smartphones.

The result was that in the last ten years fourteen books of various styles saw the light; biographies, novels, short stories, essays, and other types of writing.   You can find them here.

In parallel, I helped various NGOs as a computer support, mentor, instructor and trying to spread, whenever I could, The Word.

I felt, and I continue to do so, that my duty is to give back to society a part of what it gave me for free during my youth. Something very difficult to find in other countries, even in those classified as First World.

This made me uneasy.

Indeed, when I look at the world around us, I believe that those of us who today carry many years on our backs have an obligation to share our life lessons learned with effort and frustration, with those who are succeeding us in active efforts in our societies.

I know that many times this is quite difficult to achieve since in some areas we are already considered as discarded and obsolete people. However, and even if this were the case, I think we should try. It will always be better than not doing it.


My Web site

With this restlessness entrenched in the depths of my being, my entrepreneurial spirit showed me the way forward.

He had to create a website and a blog so that, among all of us who share this idea, we can bring proposals in a simple and dynamic way.


Thank you very much for reading me!

Firma Tony Salgado Vector-08.png
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